CALM Project

Community Action, Leadership and Mentoring (CALM)

The aim of this project is to set up a Community Action, Leadership and Mentoring Scheme (CALMS). This will enable participants to be trained as Community Coach and Mentors to support young adults specifically women to be proactively involved in developing activities that will increase their employability and become more active community citizens. The Community Coaches and Mentors will develop programmes to help increase their participation in positive and motivational aspirations, and engaging them to develop entrepreneurial activities, increase their social capital.

The personal development workshops will be co-designed, developed and managed collaboratively between young people and older, wiser adults that will pass on valuable skills and knowledge to make impacting change.

The workshops and activities will help participants to pool their resources, skills and experience to become more proactive active citizens and community leaders to address issues affecting their community/neighborhoods.

This will be achieved by developing and an outreach volunteering and mentoring scheme to provide group and one to one and peer support, participants specifically those who are ages 25 to 50 years, who have been long term unemployed for over 12 months. This will also involve developing the volunteering and mentoring opportunities within the project. Undertaking the outreach work with other groups and organisations to promote the work and to recruit new volunteers and mentors.

Activities will also include support through community arts, creative and interactive workshops, the mentoring consisting of one to one and peer support. This will help to make constructive and positive change for participants, through personal development workshops tailored to support generic and personal needs to help raise self-esteem, confidence, improve functional skills and encourage positive life choices. This will include incorporating conflict resolution and anger management training. The participants will be encouraged to form peer-mentoring groups to continue their personal development within our other projects and partnerships, such as Skills in Business and Information Communication Technology (ICT).

The regular activities will take place mainly evenings and during weekends. 6pm to 8pm – 2 days a week.

Who is it for and What does it mean to the community?

What’s in it for the business showcase?

  • Opportunity to demonstrate the unique selling points of your business to other organisations and local communities
  • Opportunity to collaborate with other liked minded or complementary services, and social entrepreneurs
  • Identify opportunities to provide support services to a diverse demographic groups, voluntary community and public sectors.