G.I.F.T A Student’s Perspective

Hello my name is Alysha; I’ve been a member of G.I.F.T Supplementary School for a number of years (“6 to be exact”).  I’ve been coming here since I was in year 4 and I’m currently ending year 10, as I’ve attended the Supplementary school it has made a resounding improvement to my grades at school. Within a year of coming to the Saturday School my grades improved dramatically in English and Maths I went from a level 4 to a level 5!

This academic year I have transitioned from KS3 to KS4 and along with that change come changes to my levels turning into GSCE grades. It took a while to get used to but at Saturday School they’ve helped me adjust by giving me work that challenges me as well as pushes me.

Attending Saturday School has helped me become an upstanding member of my school as skills I’ve attained whilst being at Saturday School have helped me flourish into a productive member of my class. In my school I am in set 1 for all core subjects (Maths, English and Science). I genuinely believe that the extra tuition I’ve received here has made me the student I’ve become. Without the teachers at Saturday School to help me, I probably would’ve been in set 2 or 3, but my teachers at Saturday school have helped me and they have reinforced my knowledge and made me  gain more useful knowledge that has vastly helped me in school.

During my time here I’ve been greeted every Saturday with kindness and understanding. The staff and teachers at Saturday School have helped me develop and progress throughout primary school and as I’m entering my final year of high school I intend to stay at the Saturday School as the professionalism and assertiveness shown by the teachers will surely see me pass my GCSE’s. I encourage parents and eager students willing to learn and who want to improve academically should come to G.I.F.T as it has helped me monumentally.

I would highly recommend you attend G.I.F.T’s open day on the 2nd of September 2017 from 10am – 1pm





Tech2Gether came to a close on the first of July after a day of discussions, critical thinking and applying newly learnt skills. The workshops was created to promote community cohesion by bringing young people of different faiths together and equipping them with skills for the ICT and Media Sector . They were provided with the opportunity to learn basic coding, app creation, developing websites, filming, editing and script writing. The youth involved aged between 10 to 16 years old displayed excellent teamwork,decision making and commitment as they tackled issues that are relevant among their peers such as image, popularity and bullying. Once the ICT and Media was complete there was the option to participate in a skincare beauty workshop which highlighted self acceptance or fitness activities which promoted physical well being.

“I understand how to code in Java script.”

” I learnt how to be gentle with my skin when using product and colour matching techniques.”

“I have learnt how to increase my heart rate.”

“This programme will really help with integration in this area. We all want to learn new skills and we have so many other things in common. There is really no need for conflict between us.”

The project was funded by Near Neighbours and was delivered in collaboration with G.I.F.T, Salaam Community Association, Strengthening Faith Institutions and The SALAM Project and took place on 1st April 2017, 6th May, and 1st July 2017.   The sessions were attended by up to 22 young people mainly from Christian and Muslim faiths.