Project Mali Manchester Community Assets Development

On Sunday the 26th of November Project Mali Manchester hosted by T.A.P ( The African Pot) held a insightful event at Hulme Centre in Hulme Manchester which raised awareness to what the Local Authorities have been devising behind the scenes with regards to the landscape of the Moss Side community which sadly doesn’t seem to have the benefits of the people from the community in mind.

If there is no form of resistance to plans that are already in motion then the community will witness changes that won’t help support and feed the real needs of the people. Manchester’s Devolution agreement was established three years ago in which certain powers and responsibilities were transferred from national government to the region. Greater Manchester Combined Authority (G.M.C.A) was formed which brought the regions ten councils together to work in partnership with the GM Mayor with the objective of meeting the needs of the people who live and work in Greater Manchester. This translates to improving transport, employment, work related training, housing and investing into infrastructure. Most of us from Manchester would find it hard not to notice the large scale construction taking place around the city. Every other week there seems to be imposing cranes populating the skyline. I think it is safe to say we all want to see the region to continue to develop but the event highlighted the extent in which certain individuals,private contractors and construction companies are reaping the lions share of profits from all the development. Those who attended the event participated in dialogue of identifying community assets and discovering some of the rights they may have not known they have.

Unfortunately it was made clear we’re at risk of losing a large proportion of community assets which are buildings or land owned by a community if no one says otherwise. A clear example of this kind of behaviour was demonstrated with the removal of the Withworth Art Gallery from Moss Side which now lies within the Ardwick ward. The gallery received a £15 million make over and then vacated  Moss Sides’s ward due to the new ward boundaries. Now was this just a big coincident or was it maybe a more calculated move? This is why it is vital that people from the community come together and organise our thoughts and efforts in a structured way and then present this to the Local Authorities regarding what we would like to see in the area. Elsewhere in the city communities have been able to attain ownership or long term leases of certain community assets so there is no reason more of the latter couldn’t happen in Moss Side. For example rather than see particular buildings get demolished then replaced with new apartments that are simply financially out of reach for a large majority of people within the area, why not transform them into accessible hubs that are desperately required. This could be in the shape of youth services, facilities for our elderly or wealth creation / social enterprise learning centers etc. Basically more services that will boost the social, economic and cultural landscape within the Moss Side community. This ideal could actually be achieved through utilizing certain community rights such as right to bid, right to build, right to challenge and right to reclaim land which came into effect through the Localism Act 2011. For more information on this matter click 

The event held by Project Mali Manchester enabled like minded individuals to conceptualise how collectively we could have positive influence to  internally strengthen and develop the Moss Side community, but this can only come into fruition through unity.

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Tech2Gether came to a close on the first of July after a day of discussions, critical thinking and applying newly learnt skills. The workshops was created to promote community cohesion by bringing young people of different faiths together and equipping them with skills for the ICT and Media Sector . They were provided with the opportunity to learn basic coding, app creation, developing websites, filming, editing and script writing. The youth involved aged between 10 to 16 years old displayed excellent teamwork,decision making and commitment as they tackled issues that are relevant among their peers such as image, popularity and bullying. Once the ICT and Media was complete there was the option to participate in a skincare beauty workshop which highlighted self acceptance or fitness activities which promoted physical well being.

“I understand how to code in Java script.”

” I learnt how to be gentle with my skin when using product and colour matching techniques.”

“I have learnt how to increase my heart rate.”

“This programme will really help with integration in this area. We all want to learn new skills and we have so many other things in common. There is really no need for conflict between us.”

The project was funded by Near Neighbours and was delivered in collaboration with G.I.F.T, Salaam Community Association, Strengthening Faith Institutions and The SALAM Project and took place on 1st April 2017, 6th May, and 1st July 2017.   The sessions were attended by up to 22 young people mainly from Christian and Muslim faiths.

CALM-A community sharing its expertise

CALM-A community sharing its expertise

GIFT was successful in seeking funding to help a community sharing its expertise.The Community Action Leadership Mentoring  (CALM) project had its launch event on the 7th of April 2017.  They hosted community experts, professional businesses in various disciplines including Arts and Media, Business and Leadership, Health, and a lot more…

The aim of this project is to set up a Community Action, Leadership and Mentoring Scheme (CALM). This will enable participants to be trained as Community Coach and Mentors to support young adults specifically women to be proactively involved in developing activities that will increase their employability and become more active community citizens. The Community Coaches and Mentors will develop programmes to help increase their participation in positive and motivational aspirations, and engaging them to develop entrepreneurial activities, increase their social capital.

The personal development workshops were co-designed, developed and managed collaboratively between young people and local community business owners that will pass on valuable skills and knowledge to make impacting change.

A key workshop was delivered by Tiki Black.   Tiki enthralled her audience with a taste of her musical compositions mixed with her passion for Arts and Technology.

Arts and Media are more than entertainment, they are a way to empower people. As a music professional, I create, perform and release songs, broadcast music and publish articles as motivational and inspirational tools. My workshops provide an insight into music and the music business for aspiring professionals and music lovers alike. ( As a digital consultant, I harness the rise of the digital to support the personal and professional development of the next generations. The government needs about a million more digital professionals by 2023! Becoming one or even acquiring digital skills gives a noticeable edge and transferable skills. My workshops help to become the difference in the digital world.

The workshops and activities aimed to help participants to pool their resources, skills and experience to become more proactive active citizens and community leaders to address issues affecting their community/neighborhoods.

There will be further workshops delivered during the summer.

Spelling Bee 2016

Spelling Bee 2016 – November 2016

GIFT participated in a Spelling Bee Competition with three other supplementary schools. Each child was given a set of words to learn in class and also at home. The first round of the competition took place on Saturday 19th November 2016 at St John’s Community Centre, St John’s Road, Old Trafford, The following week, the semi-final and finals was held on Saturday 26th November 2016 at St John’s Community Centre. GIFT Year 13 to 15 achieved the runner up spot in their group.

Spelling Bee 2016


Spelling Bee 2016

Our motto throughout 2017 is to;

Follow your Heart

Create Peace

Fall in Love

Show Gratitude

Enjoy the little things

Dream Big

Believe in miracles

Discover your Passion

Be Spontaneous

Embrace every possibility

Believe in yourself

Your life is now’ Author Unknown


Spelling Bee 2016

Welcome to our relaunched website for 2017!

Welcome to our relaunched website for 2017!

Welcome to our relaunched website for 2017!

2016 has been a hectic and challenging year for Grace Incorporation Faith Trust as well as the voluntary community sector and the world at large. As ever we look forward to the opportunities in 2017 as we go back to basics and the core of our mission ‘The GIFT of a family lasts forever’.

This is something we believe is rooted in our faith that drives us to meet the needs of our beneficiaries at the point of their need to help achieve their full potential. These are some of the achievements and activities our beneficiaries have engaged during 2016.