The Creating Resilient Communities Appreciative Leadership Course took place between the 7th-10th of September in the picturesque city of Athens Greece. As part of a national consortium The Ubele Initiative received funding from the Eramus + program to deliver a 12 month project which included two international training opportunities, this being the second.

Ubele is a inter generational  social enterprise which was founded in 2014 with a mission to contribute to the sustainability of the African Diaspora community in the UK. They aim to increase the communities capacity to lead and create innovative and entrepreneurial social responses to economical, political and social issues.  Click here to visit Ubele

The training program was facilitated by Fractality and was based on the Appreciative Inquiry model which promotes focus on solutions opposed to problems communities and grassroots organisations are faced with especially in these current times of austerity.The AI model aims to get the best out of people by honing in on potential and looking at what is working well. Themes such as envisioning, discovery, prioritizing, active listening and the art of questioning are found within its core principles. The group who were fortunate to travel to Athens consisted of creative, enthusiastic individuals from London and Manchester who are and have been implementing proactive, positive change in their communities.

Our days throughout the course consisted of short theoretical inputs, tasks, and group discussions which developed and reinforced initiatives. Possibilities were cultivated and nurtured allowing clarity to resonate among  those present. I believe all participants would agree that the material was delivered with passion and integrity whilst providing effective tools to enhance the notable work we do.We also had the chance to visit the Acropolis Museum one our final day in Athens which provided more insight into the culture and mythological history of the city .Overall the CRC Appreciative Leadership program was a excellent opportunity to internalize a wealth of collective knowledge, experiences and intelligence plus the weather wasn’t too bad either.